About the company

The company MOBY SPL LIMITED is an european ferry operators in St. Petersburg, which was founded in the 2016 as a result of synergy of two brands (ST. PETER LINE and the largest Italian ferry operator Moby Lines). 

Since 2010, the company occupies a strong position among the leaders of ferry cruises and ST.PETER LINE brand is known and loved by thousands of Russian and foreign passengers.

Ferry operator Moby Lines was founded in 1959. It is an Italian shipping company that operates ferries between the Italian or French mainland and the islands of Elba, Sardinia and Corsica.

As a result of synergy of two brands there will appear a new cruise product, which will contains the rich experience of Italian culture and saving the best traditions of Russian hospitality.

The company MOBY SPL LIMITED operates regular cruises on the routes:  «Helsinki — Tallinn — Stockholm — Helsinki — St. Petersburg» and «St. Petersburg — Helsinki — St. Petersburg».

For passengers

Is it possible to provide not just all the necessary, but also to guarantee a good mood? Of course yes! On board of the Princess Anastasia offer comfortable cabins of various classes, restaurants, bars, aqua zone, cinema, Duty Free shop, car deck, a children's club and an exclusive show program every night. Perhaps it is this atmosphere of Italian lightness, beauty and celebration of different MOBY SPL cruises. Whichever route you choose, it will be for you a real hospitable home for the duration of the travel on the Baltic Sea. And traditional Mediterranean cuisine will provide real explosion of new emotions and impressions.

For partners

As a major international company, MOBY SPL provides a wide range of partnership opportunities from advertising media on board the ferry, to special cargo transportation. The peculiarity of the company is the impeccable service and highly qualified professionals, so any partnership initiative is supported at the level of international standards.

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