Medical center

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Safety and comfort on board above all for us, so the ferry Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia fully comply with the international maritime conventions in the field of maritime safety. To ensure maximum comfort and tranquility for passengers, on the cruise ferries constantly is working a doctor's cabinet.

Qualified help

There is around the clock assistance of qualified individuals who have been fully certified for sea cruises. The doctor will help you pass the inspection, the diagnosis, receive an appropriate treatment, medication and, if necessary, recommendations for further research, and much more. If in any doubt about your health, stay calm and trust our experts. Relaxing on board should be serene!

Time and place

The doors of the doctor's cabinet is open around the clock, every day, without interruption. If you have any questions regarding the cabinet, you can always ask the friendly staff at the information desk.

Cost of the services

The cost of a visit to the doctor on the ST.PETER LINE cruise ferries is no different from the usual value of "on the shore". It is important to maintain your good health and high spirits, so there is no extra charge for an urgency or "Non-scheduled" treatment. Just come and rest assured: here for sure they will help you with any request at any time.