Fuel and harbor fee

During booking a cruise, you should pay attention to the fuel and harbor fees. These are necessary expenses for stable and the timely service of the ferries at the entry into the ports along the way.

The fuel fee is calculated by a simple formula:

8 EUR x 1 person x one way route

Example: on the routes "St. Petersburg — Helsinki" and "St. Petersburg — Helsinki — Stockholm" the fuel fee for the route for the one way is 8 euros and the full cruise to each passenger is 16 euros.

Harbor fees are calculated by a simple formula:

3,5 EUR x 1 person x 1 leg of the journey from port to port

Example: the route "St. Petersburg — Helsinki — St. Petersburg" consists of two segments path from one port to another, thus the harbor fees per passenger is 7 euros.

The fuel fee on a route: «Helsinki - Tallinn" is 2.5 €.

The total amount of fuel and harbor fees for the full cruise:

• For one passenger on the Princess Anastasia — 30 EUR

Fuel and harbor fees do not apply to children under 6 years.