Visa free rule

In accordance to the legislation of Russian Federation (RF Government Resolution №397), foreign tourists and persons without citizenship or relevant visa and/or proper permission travelling on ferries may arrive to the Russian Federation without Russian visa for the period of 72 hours being part of organised excursion group. VISA-Free journey can lasts up to 3 days.


If you want to visit St. Petersburg without a Russian visa, you should to remember a few basic rules:

  • According to the law a passenger must arrive at the port of St. Petersburg aboard a ferry of MOBY LINE LIMITED  сompany and leave in the same manner, be part of organised excursion group (City Bus Tour in this case) and comply with the rule of no longer than 72-hour stay. 72 hours period begins for the moment of crossing border control.
  • All passengers travelling on board from Stockholm, Helsinki or Tallinn to St. Petersburg are required to present a passport before entering the ship.
  • All passengers travelling visa free have to reserve sightseeing program in St. Petersburg in advance. The most affordable way is purchasing city bus shuttle service offered by MOBY LINE LIMITED mandatory shuttle bus ticket’s price is 25€ for adults and 12,5€ for children (0-12 years). Visa-free travelling concerns all passengers.


1. Sea Station Terminal, V.O.,1, Morskoy Slavy square

2. Sokos Vasilievsky

3. Sokos Palace Bridge

4. Saint Isaac’s Square 


  • If a passenger arrives from outside the Schengen area, the passenger must have a multiple entry Schengen visa to return to Sweden, Finland or Estonia after the cruise.Passengers arriving under the VISA FREE regime must stay within the territory defined by the pre-paid excursion program (City Bus Tour program). 
  • If a passenger stays within the Russian Federation territory for longer than one day the passenger must present to the Border Guard Service a hotel voucher, a confirmation of payment for the booking. Passing the registration formalities at the hotel is obligatory.
  • MOBY SPL LIMITED guarantees accommodation in hotels only if its booked through booking system of MOBY SPLLIMITED. If the hotel is booked through other booking systems not affiliated with MOBY SPLLIMITED and   the hotel refuses to accommodate the passenger,  MOBY SPL LIMITED shall not be liable and shall not reimburse any of the passenger expenses, moral compensations or any other losses.
  • All passengers travelling on board SPL Princess Anastasia with car (drivers) must hold Russian visa.
  • The carrier is entitled to refuse the passenger in transportation , if by understanding of MOBY SPL LIMITED personnel the passenger violates or might violate the regulations of Border Guard Service of the Russian Federation/Finland/Sweden/Estonia.
  • In case of violation of 72 hours visa free staying in the Russian Federation regulations all fees, penalties and other related expenses have to be covered by the passenger.
  • Based on MOBY SPL 2017 schedule, passengers, arriving for 72 hours on Thursday and leaving on Sunday must follow below listed schedule: 
    Arrival day THURSDAY – you have to disembark from the ship strictly 
    from 14:00 – 15:00 (local time).
    Departure day SUNDAY – you have to embark on the ship strictly 
    from 12:00 – 13:30 (local time). 
  • Passing the Border after this time, is a violation of the 72 hours regulation therefore fines and penalties, listed above shall be imposed on a passenger by Border Guard Service. 
  • All passengers, arriving to St. Petersburg under 72 hours regulation must know following IMPORTANT tips:
  • Make sure that you have received the “Migration card”, passing the Immigration check point, with the validation date indicating the final date  of your trip
  • During excursions and during your pleasant stay in St. Petersburg, keep your documents in the safe place
  • As per Russian Legislation for 72 hours rule, you have to leave Russia only by the ferry (sea transport). Do not use other means of transport. 
  • Note that in case of violation of the 72 hours regulation, you will be departed from Russia. The penalty for violation of the 72 hours regulation subject to a fine and five years prohibition to obtain Russian Visa.
  • In case of occurrence of any situation listed above, please contact our office for the further instructions.